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Programma Segnalatore o Rivendita

Grazie per l’interessamento dimostrato,
Compilando il modulo sottostante potete aderire ai nostri programmi di rivendita o segnalazione.

Become our Reseller

You are a informatics reality?... choose to offer your customers the services of Bronx design with high reliability and security. You think about your customer, Bronx Design thinks about delivering the service.

Reseller Program

The service is under planning, will be available shortly.

Become a signaller

Choose the Reporting program. You just have to turn the lead, the rest we will think of!

Reporting Program

It's easy, the quickest and easiest way to collaborate with Bronx Design.

All you have to do is provide us with information about a potential customer, our team will do the rest: contact, meeting, demo and everything that is required to close the deal.

The reporting program is the easiest way to capitalize on market growth for the sale of internet sites, it's so easy:

  • There are no minimum commitments or membership fees to the program
  • Report a potential customer to the rest thinking about our team
  • Earn on a successful business, up to 20%!
  • You will receive a report of completed and collected business

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