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Has your site been penalized in the Google SERP? Don't worry, we think of Bronx Design!
We are able to create and implement a specific study of your case, organizing a work plan to get the site of your company out of the blacklist of Google.

The most influential search engine in the world has introduced severe penalties for sites that have violated the guidelines for positioning over time, which means that before they could benefit from working in an incorrect environment, there is no such thing today Plus this possibility by introducing more complex algorithms, so a web site at present does not get the most benefits with keywords that are not inherent to the content of their pages.

A downgraded site may be subject to one or even all three of the basic concepts that determine the SEO techniques of penalties. They are distinguished by:

  • Penalties: involve a downgrade in the SERP site;
  • Site banned: total exclusion of the site in the SERPs the search engine;
  • Filter: the site is not shown in the SERP based on certain research or combinations of keywords.

It is also good to know that there are basically two different kinds of penalties: manual and algorithmic (automatic).

  • Penalties manual denote a loss of positions within the SERP of Google and are generally applied by Google Quality Rater..
  • The automatic penalties are the result, the collaborative nature of Google algorithms increasingly studied ad hoc. This penalty can ensure that a website loses visibility in the SERPs for certain keywords that are not related to the content.

We at Design Bronx intervene with an activity of recovery, to dump your website from the penalty situations where versa. By studying the type of penalty, then we activate a suitable work plan to make visible again on Google your website.

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