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A text on a web page with no one to read it is of little use, as well as a great site but does not receive visits.

The contents shape and influence the success of a company like few other marketing strategies can afford to do. For this reason it is advisable to rely on an experienced and mature.

The two main problems SEO Copywriting:

A text on a web page with no one to read it is of little use, as well as a great site but does not receive visits, the whole thing can be tied to an embodiment of the wrong content!

As the name suggests we are talking about a particular type of writing, which combines the techniques of traditional communication with site optimization with regard to the ranking on search engines. Clearly the goal of every text to be read, but you must consider that first must be found on the web.

How to create therefore the ideal text for the public that is affected?

The first thing to consider is that the first recipients of the content created for the Web are search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing. First of all, therefore, the content must meet the quality requirements specified in the search engines, in particular, must be:

  • exclusive
  • informative
  • useful
  • relevant

The content must be created at best, it thought it helpful to users and because it accurately responds to a particular research carried out by a user. Of course you should not treat nor an auto-generated text, nor should it be a duplicate content (in both cases, you may incur a penalty from the search engines, who consider this incorrect publication!).

Creating quality content is an innovative information are now the focus of SEO because they determine much of the positioning of a website. For this the Bronx Design team works and is updated to always find the right combination of a style of writing fluid and convincing, that allows the realization of the content of the pages aimed at proper indexing by search engines. We create texts for sites in Italian, English, Russian and Ukrainian language, we are a team that works at 360 degrees, we also deal with content translation for web, correction and optimization, as well as the content management for blogs, portals and corporate sites.

The SEO Copywriting is a job that requires care and attention to detail, it is therefore necessary to turn to professionals with long experience in the field, that are able to adapt to the continuous web developments and its dynamics, to ensure results that endure over time.

If you are looking for a web agency that takes care of creating and optimizing content for your site do not hesitate to ask us for a quote or contact us for a free consultation.

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