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We specialize in the creation of Advertising Campaigns!

We specialize in the creation of Advertising Campaigns!

The term SEM (Search engine marketing) is the branch of web marketing that applies to search engines. That all those activities that generate qualified traffic to a particular website with the aim of bringing to the site through search engines, the most genuinely interested visitors to its contents.

Our agency specializes in the creation of advertising campaigns and campaigns Pay per Click planned based on your needs and goals. We create web campaigns and campaigns Social Media Marketing on major platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, ... and we use the main tools like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads,…

We also use analytics tools that allow us to see day by day the progress of campaigns and make changes based on the data arriving and any new targets.

Starting from online benchmarking, that is, by the competitive scenario study on the search engines, we offer a range of services that will achieve the stated objectives.

Google Adwords: Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay Per Impression (PPI) campaigns

When talking about SEM, the tool that comes to mind is Google Adwords.
Google Adwords is Google's platform for advertising on search engines allows, through the purchase of keywords, or keywords, to show an ad on the first page of Google.

With Google Adwords you can design marketing campaigns PPC (Pay per Click) in which the advertiser will cost when the user clicks on the banner ad. Or PPI (Pay per Impression campaigns) in which it will cost depends on the number of views.

If executed properly, so with a good ad, a great choice of keywords and landing page optimization, these campaigns are very effective and with the ability to constantly monitor them and change them according to the data obtained, generate always good results.

Social Media Advertising Campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube,…)

In addition to Google, which is the main form of web information retrieval, they are increasingly catching on social media. What now they have become indispensable tools for each task.
That's why we study custom campaigns on Social Media to achieve the goals set.

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to earn from your site Affiliate Marketing is the one that's right for you. Through affiliate programs we give you the option to include in your site third-party advertisements that will generate commissions for each click received. We are experts in the use of Google Adsense platforms, TradeDoubler and Zanox.

Display Advertising

The Display Advertising campaigns is a type of web advertising that is based on the advertising banners. These banners will be placed on sites with interests in line with your business that will achieve the selected target audience.

Remarketing | Retargeting

Remarketing is a rather new technique that allows you to track users who visited our site. When the user leaves our site, through remarketing we have the opportunity to continue showing our ad on sites where we will continue browsing.

Email Marketing

The Email Marketing is a kind of direct marketing that uses emails as a means of communicating with their interlocutors. Bronx Design realizes email marketing campaigns designed to loose customers, acquire new customers, or strengthen branding.

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