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The user at the heart of digital experience

For user experience (or UX) means what a person feels when using a product, system or service. The user experience is concerned the experiential, affective, the attribution of meaning and value of the ownership of a product and the interaction with it, it also includes the personal perceptions of issues such as usefulness, simplicity 'utilization and system efficiency.

The aesthetics of a website is important but it is not all...

Interface design, however, is not limited to aesthetic impact, but is the result of careful analysis that highlights the features and needs of users who will use it, so it is necessary to focus everything on the context of use.

The user experience consists of a series of elements to be considered, from the construction of the various elements, the tests and finally the online mass of the project, each site we design and realize is equipped with a good level of usability, and is optimized to be compatible from the desktop version to the mobile one and we ensure that the navigation is smooth and matches the goals we have set during the design.

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