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In recent years the web has evolved to a frightening speed, the differences between the sites developed in a couple of years are obvious, often decisive to give the right image of the company behind that interface.

Everything has evolved into a set of peculiarities: the graphics, user requirements, the evolution of browsers and how to surf the net. The web site is an extension of the company or even better is the virtual face of the company which may be viewed by anyone contributing a priority basis to the corporate image definition, a modern site reflects a modern, always in step with the times . It is necessary, therefore, to optimize operations with restyling its website, improve and update the proposed content, operations are an effective strategy and ensure meaningful and successful results.

The restyling in the modern web is a fundamental operation that aims to improve communication and to provide you with an updated platform with more functionality. A restyling of the site may involve several aspects: graphics, functionality, usability, navigation, safety and improvement of content that should be in line with the needs of surfers.

New technological tools have fundamentally changed the way you browse the web, everything has evolved with the spread of mobile technology, so a site with modern navigation systems also made the changing of way to interface. An old site with outdated programming and design may not meet the requirements necessary for navigation from mobile devices. The responsive web sites have the ability to adapt to all types of platforms on the market, from your smartphone to your tablet or desktop PC. We at Bronx Design realize only responsive websites, suitable therefore to navigation on any device.

The definition of a web of their site redesign project can then aim for different goals:

  • New corporate image
  • Redefining the site's mechanical
  • Responding to new user requirements
  • Implement new features
  • Editing and inserting new content

Bronx Design offers professional graphic restyling, new safety technologies and content review. Before proceeding is critical in-depth analysis of the old website identifying obsolete items that may affect its accessibility, navigability, and indexing capabilities with mobile devices.

The restyling of the layout has been carefully chosen by our team, which is updated and aligns perfectly with the latest web design trends. By supporting our advice web marketing you can also conduct market analysis to better understand the behavior of competitors, consumer demand, changes and habits of Internet users. with careful analysis it will be possible to have the data needed to define the best strategy makeover.

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