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We're working on Pay Per Click campaigns with Google Adwords

There are two ways to get to first place in the search engines.

The first method is through positioning optimised, we speak then of SEO (Search Engine Optimization ), activities aimed at improving a website's visibility on search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex etc.). This is a path that leads to stable and lasting results, but that requires a relatively long and expenditure of energy.

The second option is to get to the top of search engines via a Pay per Click campaign, also known as PPC campaign, with which you have the option to be placed on the first page of Google. The platform used for Pay per Click campaigns on Google is Google Adwords.

Let's see how does Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a platform that allows the creation of an advertising campaign for a fee, with which you can create ads written on the basis of the study and the subsequent selection of keywords related to the activity, product or event to advertise.

Created and published, each time a user would type on the search engine one of the chosen keywords, Google will place the advertisement in the top places of research. If you try to go on Google, you'll notice that Adwords ads are labeled Ann and are positioned in strategic locations. Thanks to this system you will have immediate visibility!!

Each time a user clicks on your ad will be redirected to your site and more specifically to the page of the site that was chosen as a landing page. In return, Google will keep your budget the price agreed in preedenza as an expense for each click. And that is why we talk about Pay per Click campaign: you will pay the amount to the click every time a user clicks on your ad.

This procedure will be repeated until the budget decided in progress.

The benefits of Google Adwords:

The first advantage, as we have already said, translates into an immediate placement on the search engine. In 24 hours the campaign will be active by then, in the top positions of Google.

The second advantage is that with Google Adwords you will have complete control of the investment due to the fact that before the publication was agreed the price for single click and your budget to invest in the country. Then you can decide in advance how much to invest in this type of advertising and organize it better.

Another advantage is that the campaigns are fully customizable, so you can decide which target users direct them with targeted campaigns based on zones, interests, age, industry and more.

The campaigns are also very flexible, you can pause and restart at will and are fully traceable. You can then calculate the benefits (such as the ROI) and decide any changes on the basis of the data obtained.

What service we offer

Bronx Design will bring about the PPC campaign based on the needs and objectives and will integrate with the SEO site optimization. It should be remembered that even between paid ads there is an order that is determined by the site optimization. We will study a Google Adwords campaign that will be pushed forward by degrees constantly analyzing the results to ensure the best possible success.

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