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E-mail as a means of communication

E-mail as a means of communication

E-mail marketing is a direct marketing type that uses e-mail as a means of communication with its interlocutors. For email marketing, it is not meant to send mass messages to anyone, so to speak, it's not spam. Sending emails is bound to voluntary acceptance by the party without falling into spam, which does not bring any benefit to a company and only creates a negative image.

Instead, we mean a reasoned e-mail that aims to improve the relationship with our customers and encourage their loyalty, and can also be used with the goal of acquiring new customers or convincing the former to buy something right away by adding Of promotions.

Email Marketing: Why Do It Do It?

  • is definitely cheaper and faster than a marketing made out of paper.
  • email marketing still has a very good return on investment, more than paid advertising campaigns and keyword-based campaigns.
  • allows contact with a large number of users.
  • allows the growth and improvement of the corporate image.
  • allows the creation of up selling and cross selling campaigns.
  • Thanks to email us to contact the public, unlike the other web marketing campaigns that can only be found during user searches.
  • is easy to trace and return data can be used to verify email open rates, positive or negative findings and achievements.
  • allows you to customize the message for each recipient and then a one to one relationship.
  • allows you to do tests to figure out what kind of message it produces better results and so we can continually improve the campaign.
  • Allows to lighten the load of the call centre and of people dedicated to customer care.

Automated email communication

Full automation service email communication system that allows you to track your personal contact with a one to one approach.

  • Analysis of functions and departments involved in the company.
  • Analysis of outgoing messages that could be automated.
  • evaluation of possible elements to be inserted (up-selling/cross-selling).
  • determining the metrics to keep tabs on.
  • Preparation of the types of email and study of its template.
  • personnel training.

Email marketing

We make email marketing campaigns designed to customer loyalty, to win new customers or strengthen branding.

  • Definition of the objective of the campaign, which should be clear and measurable.
  • Insert/upload recipients and subdivision into groups based on characteristics.
  • composition of personalized emails for each type of user.
  • testing the message through a/b testing.
  • planning and management email delivery.
  • verification of the results obtained at different stages and consequent optimization campaign.

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