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An e-commerce is an online store open 24 hours on 24 that allows you to sell your products in every corner of the world to countless potential customers.

We create e-commerce sites and B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) studied 100% based on the needs of your customers.

You can manage autonomously your e-commerce directly from the panel with complete control of catalog items, orders, payments and shipments. All in complete safety.

  • Sites e-commerce optimized for search engines (SEO friendly).
  • Unlimited number of categories and products with images and data sheets.
  • Automatic calculation of shipping charges.
  • Implementation of different forms of payment (credit card, bank transfer, marking, etc.).
  • Order handling with shipping status (evasion, processing,...).
  • Stock management with inventory insertion and automatic updates.
  • Registration to the site by users with the possibility of differentiation between business users and not. With price changes based on the categories.
  • Ability to advertise the products on price comparators.
  • Email marketing and social media marketing services to improve the quality of communication with customers.

We make your e-commerce with advanced technologies

The benefits of using ChatBot on an e-commerce website

Messaging applications have become the most used applications of most people, the faster the integration of e-commerce dynamics in messaging applications, the more the Bot market will be forced to grow.

ChatBot is a form (by now very simplified) of artificial intelligence that can transform e-commerce by introducing the concept of conversational interface. These are automated programs that interact with human beings through voice input and output or text. In short, conversing with a Bot is similar to a conversation with a human on a chat, you can converse with an integrated Bot in the chat interface.

For example, when users surf online and are connected to Facebook, they can use Messenger to confirm orders or to receive instant support (semi-automatic) via Social, That today is more a requirement than an option. In essence, it is to use these Social Media Bot to automate parts such as product ordering, payment and shipping confirmation, and customer interaction in handling support issues And assistance.

In online sales, ChatBot can help differentiate our proposal into the competitive arena with competing e-commerce.

What are the benefits of using ChatBot in an ecommerce?

ChatBot to sell:

  • It can automate order processes and help someone make a buying decision;
  • By working directly into chat, ChatBot will ask for a question after question, until you propose the right product (in an ideal process);
  • The user with a conversation can buy the item without leaving the chat;
  • ChatBot can communicate coupons, discounts, offers, answers to questions about products that are no longer available and notify customers when they are available again;
  • It can offer reviews and comments from customers and deliver shipping notifications.

Up-Selling e Cross-Selling

  • ChatBots can provide the right recommendations based on the single user's shopping history. In this way, we could increase online store sales by offering similar, complementary or alternative products to those already purchased;
  • ChatBots are available 24/7, so they can give service to potential buyers at any time with customized recommendations based on their preferences and requirements;
  • It may be considered by some customers a more entertaining and entertaining shopping experience.

Orders not completed or abandoned

  • ChatBots can follow abandoned carts and uncompleted orders;
  • They can re-engage potential customers by sending customized messages to complete their orders;
  • They can talk to customers about why they left incomplete order;
  • They can handle data on outdated or insufficient quantities or inform buyers once they are available again in stock.


The best way to conquer customers in ecommerce is remarketing, you can do so by email, sms or advertising. The email is incredibly competitive, but the buying process is more than that. The SMS reaches the customer directly, but the difficulty is getting the phone number. ADV ads work well, but can be annoying and end up preventing or building relationships with your customers. There are also several extensions for browsers that serve to block ADV ads on web pages.

Now consider a ChatBot and a potential customer who addresses your brand on Facebook Messenger and receives from the automated system all the answers to your questions, there would be a possibility that the user purchases the product that the ChatBot has proposed or that you leave Conversation, but in both cases, an excellent remarketing channel has been activated; You know what was the last conversation and why he left it.

A ChatBot platform could now segment the contacts based on when or why they left the conversation and then send targeted winback messages in an attempt to retrieve them. The best part is that these messages will go straight to their messaging application, not by email or SMS, so they could bring the user into the chat room for immediate purchase.

Customer Care

Customer support is a key point for online sales. A ChatBot can be trained in dealing with numerous situations: FAQs, product information, service bookings, returns and complaints.

On the efficiency side are available 24/7 and provide consistent service; The waiting time is reduced and buyers receive instant feedback to their questions.

On the convenience side, ChatBot seems ruthlessly competitive: they are a one-time investment and training / evolution costs are scalable as it works on multiple clients at the same time, which makes them more convenient than hiring or outsourcing of customer support or budget to maintain a call center.


In the business of e-commerce it is very important to analyze the sales funnel. Understanding how and why people came to you and then they did not require a careful analysis of the data.

The Bot (or rather its analytics platform) would add the ability to know when and why your customers are leaving the buying process based on the context of the conversation. New data to consider, new ideas to improve.

What questions do they make? What is the product you are looking for? Are you satisfied with the structure of your landing page? All this information could help you improve your marketing strategy and provide your customers with a better user experience.


All major brands use or are considering using this technology. We will get to the point that not using them could be considered a sign of opacity or inability weakness.

We at Bronx Design work in the development of ChatBot, for e-commerce or other uses that the customer requires us. Having a modern and functional online shop, also sure, in the modern web certainly brings advantages not only for selling products but also in satisfying your customers. We are at your disposal for any clarification, you can contact us directly or fill in the contact form.

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